Event Start Times and DST


Do event start times shift when the PG offices in California are subject to Daylight Saving Time changes?

Event starts used to be quite variable, but in recent months Fort/Feed/Breed seem pretty reliably to have started at 22:00 UTC (Universal Coordinated Time, aka “The War Clock”), which is 2pm PST (Pacific Standard Time).

Since the last “minor event” the US has switched onto DST, so I’m wondering whether to still expect Fort to start at 22:00 UTC, or whether it is likely to be at 2pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) which would make it 21:00 UTC?


I think it will start at 21:05 (events usually have a 5 minute delay) But I am not 100% sure about anything these days, so I will check to be sure. I suggest you do the same.


I’m expecting just after 21:00 UTC as well. Worst case I’m ready an hour early.




Well i was half an hour late because it started an hour earlier than usual, so i lost 2 mil wood :roll_eyes::pleading_face:


Well if you failed to notice all the resets happening an hour earlier for the past weeks, I guess that’s at least a bit on you…


So why is it that pg, delete tickets when they can not properly explain or handle an issue? The give me one irrational reason and when I prove that wrong they delete the ticket. And then when I open a new ticket they try to say it was handled!! And shafted again by pg on this event. Give bs run around about the start of the event. After the event went live on my game and I built without receiving points, pg refused to compensate stating that even though the event appeared live it was not and I should have waited for the email. After sending a screenshot of the email time stamped 2:23 after they said it went live at 2:00 they could still not give and explaination is screwed me!!!

PG Forum Roles Explained

It is funny how a post with valid issues and complaints is so quickly hidden and flagged. I was screwed over by pg at start of this last event. Given bs reasons and mytickets repeatedly deleted. Great customer service!!!



Welcome to the Forums!

Please stop spamming random threads with the same comment I moved here, and please use the search function (found in the upper right corner of the screen) to see if your issue has already been discussed, which - in this case - would have let you here.

Also, please note that the event didn’t go live at 2pm sharp, it happened around 2:09 (usually it takes place at 2:06) I am sure about it as I kept restarting the game along with the majority of teammates. Even Crisis said :slight_smile:

I am sorry you had this bad experience, I know how upsetting it is (I had the same 2 events ago, where I was too hasty and two flak upgrades didn’t register at 2:05 towards the event that went live at 2:06)Then I learnt my lesson, and wait a tad longer.

  1. I am not a PG employee, but a player.
  2. Following point 1) I have no access to the tickets.
  3. I bet my account that the event wasn’t live on anyone’s device at 2pm sharp. Not even on yours.
  4. Insulting a fellow player who is trying to help you is not a good idea.

+1: if you insult the support team, they will refuse to assist you, and rightfully so.


Calling Bald Rabbit a drone is quite amusing to me. finish the post before you flag it

Not because of the needless insult which was not deserved - but because I was imagining a rabbit version of this:



Wasn’t it 2:11 this go around? At least that’s what my memory serves as correct

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yeah, something like that.


So having the icon that is operational means what? That the event might start soon?


Who said it went live? Support? I read the email with the same time stamp and there was no mention of anything about the time it had started other than that the event was live.


Event start times are always just a guideline. Is it that hard to wait 10 minutes or so to make sure event is live? I’m sorry but my 2 year old has more patience than some of you.

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If the guy says the event icon was on screen before he built, he doesn’t really need the third degree from everyone here about start times. The icon ought to be trustworthy.

Unfortunately we can’t help you, but if you can access some calm maybe support can. Only the best of people can help while you’re raging out at them though, rage-inducing though game bugs are.
Sometimes points have just been delayed at the start of an event, and maybe they got to you eventually. If not, and you built after the icon came up on your screen, then yeah, that’s messed up.


IMO, the best approach will be ask support to check all build which started after event went live.
To be safe, from 1 hour before event started.

That is if @IornRage hasn’t blown the supports.


Yea, it wasn’t exactly 2pm PT. This time around it took longer than usually to start. In the past, per Verizon’s clock, it was usually a few minutes past 2pm but this time it was almost a full 10’

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