Event start times and treasure hunts


not sure if it was discussed in the past… but war events usually have treasure hunts to prepare and possibly find event related boosts, and they also give you an indication timer of when the event is actually going to start…

However fortification, feeding and breeding events don’t. and usually its europeans and those living in nearby regions that get screwed with the starting times
my question is why? why not make treasure hunts for minor events and also give everyone a peace of mind in regards to the event start time with the built in countdown clock.

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Kinda started that, somewhat of an answer given but tagging it so I can see if you get a better one and vice versa.

(A few small ideas for future updates)


As this topc has been discussed in the old forum, here on of the reasons:
LINK old Forum


I hope that this link will be adopted in the new forum, too. Not only because it’s my post, but also there were some interested persons (and not only against this suggestion).


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