Event suggestion: and When will I be able to use the Miracles I paid for?

I am waiting for the event that had you use , until dead, all dragons, tie by tier, and the only way to revive them was using a high cost Miracle Spell.

I know I have two and I’m waiting patiently for this event or compensation if it’s a dead event.
Maybe since event dragons would make it too easy, they could be ineligible for the event.

Most people hated this event but I really liked it because it showed my progress.

Also I would rather see the Decathalon Event (build breed feed pvp) every two years weeks rather than build breed feed events taking place 5 1/2 days.

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That was event had been not used in over a year + some, and I don’t believe they are bringing it back. Your best option would be contacting support, but I don’t know if you’ll get anything in return. For example King of the Hill, went missing and I don’t know if it’s coming back, but I have lots of legendary sieges that I am fairly positive PG will not compensate for.

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How do you know you have any? I can’t see mine? You must have a really good memory. I still feel I got short changed when they dumped great valors and gave me one mega coin for the great valor(s) I had (took their word for only having one supposedly since I can’t see most things in inventory) and a hearty handshake for each “regular” valor.

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