Event timer rewards?

In this weeks event, which probably will be followed by fort, event prizes is not giving us timers. My general impression was that we’ve been getting timer prizes a bit more before fort, which has been really nice, but is pg taking them away? I mean are they making clock issue worse?

I’m hoping it some kind of a mistake and to be fixed.

I’m getting timers and sigils but not inners. Maybe it’s just luck.

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He did specify PRIZES not gold chests :blush:

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Oops u r right :joy:

I have the feeling all prices have been nerfed. There are very few rubies and I am not sure about egg tokens. Almost not woth the effort to participate. PG is getting very stingy.

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In last event there wasn’t any timers in personal prizes as well
If I’m not wrong

@DoranKrzzt … NERFED :scream::scream:

When has PG ever done that?!

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I am getting Tons of Timers through the chests…mainly gold chests. I have gotten some inner fire and energy packs but not as much as I thought. But hey, the timers I am getting are AWESOME!

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