EVENT: Treasure Hunt Missing & Ended Early & Updates

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The event is currently LIVE and thus no treasure hunt. Please fix ASAP <3


The team is on it right now! All hands on deck!


Thank you so so much!

We’re going to restart the event since this was a super weird hitch when we pushed it live. We’ll refund energy packs to anyone who happened to use / purchase them within the time this happened, despite it being so short.

I’ll let everyone know as soon as I have an ETA for when the treasure hunt phase is live. (I’m also going to start streaming soon so it’s very possible it goes live while I’m not able to be on the Forums, so my apologies if that ends up being the case!)

Thanks for the quick catch, Red! :slight_smile:


What about any used Siege weapons and healing pots?

Is it safe to claim some chests now? Or should we wait until it get restarted?

my event is over lol

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…and this right here really underlines why this event needs to be retired!


Isnt Wednesday supposed to be the treasure hunt portion?

Yes, there was just an error.

aaaaaaaaaand fail.

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I’d suggest waiting until the event is restarted, sound like it already “ended” and we’ll have the restart up shortly.


lol we are 18th you did better then us lmfao

We don’t really need a treasure hunt. Right? :slight_smile:

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its back up. attack attack attack!!!

:weary::weary::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: I used 100 Hammers and Defense gunpowder for quests on my alt and main… pls refund

I guess this is why I got rubbish in chests

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Seems the treasure hunt is there now. Is it safe now?

I am confirming with the team right now! Please hang tight. :slight_smile:

i got good things in chests lol