Event trouble on the center island

I have been playing in the center island now, and I have beaten a few orange levels for new portrait, but I am not receiving any, I have cut my phone off twice now and still nothing is showing. Need some advice about it. Thank you.

Have you beaten all orange bosses?


I have not been able to beat all oranges, only first 2 levels

You need to beat all 5


Beat ALL orange guardians = get the guardian portrait
Beat ALL harbinger guardians = get the uber guardian portrait

Keep trying if you want that portrait

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I have seen a few just beat one level and gotten it, but I will give it hell.

in case that OP is thinking that he’ll get all…

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Going back in to see if I can, them damn cannons are a pain in my butt

No offense but no you havent, everyone has to beat all 5 guardians to get it.


Beat all 5 and get the portraits :slight_smile:

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@Rangerup9806 Post here after you get it please…