Event Update Threads: A Poll, and Suggestions?

Good afternoon, or whatever it may be for you.

I would like to start by saying that everything is still peachy-keen; I’m just curious about some things.

I don’t know what the course will be in the future (very likely will not discontinue), but I’ve been having some thoughts and reservations regarding the significance of event update threads.

I realize that there are an abundance of other sources from which one could glean what is coming up next: PG’s official announcements (although unpredictable, to say the least; some others may even go so far as to say they’re unreliable), Creators Faction content, and maybe one or two more things that I may be forgetting.

I’ve also realized that over time, event update threads (and not only those published by me, but those by others from before I decided to take up the gauntlet) have lost a significant amount of their traction; some may argue that these threads are not about the traction, but my position is that they are entirely about the traction because the foremost purpose of them is to confirm the events in advance for those who may not be aware.

As I’ve stated, this is highly unlikely to discontinue, but I just had these thoughts and wanted some feedback and/or some suggestions for improvement; nothing more, nothing less. I’ll also throw in a poll:

  • I find event update threads to be helpful, reasonable, and worthy.
  • I find event update threads to be unhelpful, unreasonable, and wasteful.
  • I am on the fence; I am not quite sure how to feel about event update threads.

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With respect to any naysayers, feel free to drop your suggestions on how these threads could be improved in a way that makes them unique and enjoyable! As long as they’re reasonable, they may be considered.


I think they’re perfectly fine as it gives us a place to potentially discuss that event or any changes coming that week. Even if it is only a little, it does promote a discussion and thus imo is worthwhile to have. Especially since we no longer have the weekly Galileo’s office hours topics as a place to discuss weekly goings on.

That being said it is completely up to you if you wish to continue them. You shouldn’t feel any pressure to do so if that’s not what you want.


I like your update threads Jalen - it is something I read each week.

One thing I noticed is that newsletters which are similar can always start with gusto and vigor when they are fresh but to maintain that level and engagement gets harder over time.

Mixing ut up might help you to give it more reach and longevity.

For example on fort maybe you could bring in a special guest like @xxxJLxxx to talk about advanced base design. Or @bmaz to add in some extra tips for pvp events. Or a @Paper @FreeM314 to go over a flying skill they picked up and how they use it. Maybe a master atlas strategist like @Peter247 / @SinCityMedic or someome with the most complete end to end game mechanic knowledge like @eff.

It could be handy to bring in CF to get therir thoughts on new content.

Even get some thoughts from a grinder like @Paskinel or @PGMatt.

Some very good people in this forum and leveraging that expertise in your weeklu post adds extra content that us useful to everyone.

Expanding the offering in other ways might also keep it fresh for yourself :slight_smile:


@LaikaDream does stuff like this with her streams from time to time, and some of the people you mentioned have been on them before


Bruh do your thing. Who cares about what people think?


Agree but sadly he’s more or less retired

Sure if you wanna know how to max a credit card every week. Personally I think it’s fairly easy there’s a buy packs button you can use.

Ruru is pretty good yes but I still miss Dracaron

Now you’re taking the piss :rofl:


I have no problem with your event threads. I usually like them! Sometimes you ask such cerebral questions that I don’t always answer cause I just don’t have the mental/emotional capacity to give them a good answer; but, I do like that you inform us and provoke thinking/opinion pieces. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah there have been times where I haven’t answered the questions because it’s just not a good time for me to say it out loud but I do think about them. Especially lately Jalen asking some self help book grade questions lol


Sure you gotta buy alot of packs but she obviously puts a decent amount of time in as well. That time and how its optimised for various events I think would be interesting.

I have played on most of the mega alliances and Peter is highly regarded by most. I’m not saying he is the best but he is probably one of those 15-20 people in the game that can execute big plans. I am interested to hear thoughts from any of them.

The smaller alliances needed to think outside of the box to stand any sort of a chance against the mega alliances.

I think any team(s) that fight Dread and don’t get disbanded are doing ok.

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Mega, mega, mega, and make sure to be ready for some extra megas lmao

As far as things like this go, it simply comes down to the team’s mentality. If they want to hold onto castles they’ll pay for it. If they’re willing to drop them and avoid fighting (like we’ve done with 20 castles) then there’s not much more you can do to a team. It’s like how someone farming you in main game won’t matter if you are just willing to move on and ignore it


Surely that would be boring year after year lol. There has to be something else that makes her tick and wanna buy more megas rather than updaing to the latest golfstream jet.

For example in another game I played the leader was high up in the Saudi administration.

He used to buy all 50 team members $100 packs on a bi weekly basis. He would fly our team to Dubai for booze fueled parties.

He just loved the thrill of destroying people. Literally in this game you could take $100k off another player and he liked that buzz.

I think I lost about $40k in that game it was savage.

So I can understand wanting to be #1. But whats after that - whats the driver to keep being #1 ? Dreadnought retired once they achieved what they wanted to do. What keeps a player keep wanting to be #1 once achieved?

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This sounds like what I heard of harvinator and some other players. They’d whale the rest of their team and go have fun.

Games are lucky to even have 1 or 2 players like that, they’re few and far between. Not every Nigerian Prince you meet is gonna be real


I personally love the Update Threads. It keeps me up with neighbors beside me. :joy:

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