Event Visuals and Fixes Incoming!

Greetings, Dragon Lords!

A few visual updates and fixes are on the way this week. Everything below will be available once the Fortification event begins on Wednesday, April 17th. Let’s take a look at some new Season screens!

Visual Updates to Minor Events

Fortification, Breeding, and Feeding screens in the “About” section of the weekly event have been given a facelift! Seen above, the new screen will feature the same information about the event as before, but in a more clear and streamlined way. These new visual updates will look similarly for all minor events to distinguish them moving forward.

Visual Updates to the Armory

The armory has also gotten a nice upgrade, as well! Chests will animate their opening once tapped on, and rarer drops will be displayed with a fancy shimmer. Opening 10 chests at once will also feature a new animation. You can also skip these animations by tapping the screen again while they’re opening.

Upcoming Fixes

Level 80 Farms and Mills weren’t available in the last Fortification Frenzy event, but this time they will be fully buildable through level 80. Additionally, if anyone’s been plagued by the infamous “1” ghost notification in weekly events (I know I am!), this should also be fixed in this week’s event!

Build strong and build on, Dragon Lords!


Please tell me that doesn’t slow things down


Slower animations.
Wasn’t draco bad enough?

I’m going to get sick and tired of this real quick if it happens every time i click on a chest to open


Looking at the video the new chest opening seems as fast or slightly faster, which I appreciate.

Tbh I’m not convinced these were the ui parts needing the most attention, but at least they do look fine on first sight.


Could have got rid of the chest shake and just open the damn things :man_shrugging:


Haha, no, it doesn’t. I hear your concerns, and the new animations should take the same amount of time (or slightly faster) as the current ones. :slight_smile:

Totally fair! BlackP1nk mentioned that this was what they were currently working on, but I believe they’ve turned their attention to other screens that are now in the works.


If that is the timing of it then it’s no big deal.

I do think that the visual aids help to greatly help in the distinguishing of rarities of chest without being way over the top like the draco chests were. More simple and like the legendary sparkle.

Speed was really my main concern here


I was hoping it would be faster myself.


Of course it doesnt, it just triggers ptsd from last time they tried animated armory ( which affected game on so many levels) :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: , i cant believe they are making the same mistake again


If you could speed up claiming Atlas Badge chest about 10x, the community would give you much love!

I had to claim 1000 the other day… ugh. Yeah, I had 1000 which is nice, but … the pain! The pain!


I have to admit, I also had the PTSD response to the initial announcement. Upon inspection, I am cautiously optimistic :joy:

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But those windows in windows in windows for upgrading buildings will stay? Because they absolutely care about wasting our time on pointless clicking

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Don’t kill me, Crisis :joy:


Once again, something that no one asked for that is probably going to end up causing A LOT of problems. The old visuals were fine, they were easy to read. The only thing we would like is the open another 10 option that the last “new armor” had so that you can mass open a lot of chests faster instead of having to exist each time. Just like the Draco animation, this shooting start animation each time we open chests is REALLY unnecessary

PG making UI updates

Also is this going to be like the last “new armory” where if you tap on the actual chest icon it opens up a chest? Because that was really bad


I will test for you!

I appreciate your meme mastery.


haha thanks.

It does look cute, btw. Visually appealing for sure, at least to me anyways :kissing_heart:

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My. feels. exactly. :slight_smile:

I’m just hoping the new stuff loads ok. Couldn’t finish orange guardians on my mini this time cause I didn’t have several hours to fight past the errors and crashes :confused:

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