Event with different tier dragons

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I was wondering what happened to the event that used different color tier dragons. The one that you use only red ,purple and etc tier dragons. Thank you Melusine1 leader of RiseofPhoenix

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There probably wasn’t any money in it.

It was not generally well-received.

But we are discussing events, past, current, and new. And what should stay or come back, what should go, etc.

Also, the overall flow of events.

Assault is the event you are probably thinking of, unless you have been around a LONG time.

I believe the OP is thinking of “dragon trials” or “achilles trials” or something like that. The event with miracles, where there were 2 iterations, one with single miracles then the next iteration got bumped up to 100 miracles for red tier, 200 blue, etc

Yeah. I wasn’t sure. Trials is the older one with the miracles. Assault was the one we had once or twice…

The new “Trials” I think happened only once. And the miracles were definitely the limiting factor. Especially when you needed thousand to revive your sapphire dragons.

Please discuss this being a non seasonal event to occur alongside non pvp events and hav rewards be something like glyphs, tokens, rune dust…something of the like. Or maybe a weekend event with prizes geared towards lineage progression.

I think it may be disliked as a seasonal event but a regular recurring event using old dragons helping you progress through lineage dragons, and it running alongside non pvp events I think could be very appreciated

It would also be cool to be able to have a use for all the old dragons again.

Which event do you mean? The “individual” Assault event (I think PG called it a mini-event), or Trials (which was also individual, but it was different, and it was not mini).

The event that you could only use say red tier dragons…blue tier…etc… it was like survival to get the furthest in each tier. I can’t remember if you had to complete each tier to progress or if it was just time based and they released each tier every so often.

You didn’t even have to move any dragons in and out of your roster…once entering the event you could select whatever dragon of that tier you had hatched

This is trials then.

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Yes I think so because I vaguely remember some kind of mechanic on reviving your dragons other than potions obviously.

It would be refreshing I think to have an event not tied to the season…not sure how hard that would be to implement alongside another event but it would be a nice change of pace. And regularly be able to use all your old dragons again

Yes. A very expensive mechanic the last time (and the only time) they did the “new” version.

But I did like this event. It might be a little much to have something as involved as this happening at the same time as breeding or fortification. But I do like the idea of having something else to do during these events (and feeding) that also contributes to prizes.

Not even sure I remember how to fly anything before sapphire. lol.

Would need to stretch my wings on some old XP bases. :rofl:

But I think something like this event is a good idea.

I really did like this event but the divine aspect killed a lot of it for me. I think i was only down in green when this took place so red-blue was OK and you could usually get through between 8/10 and 10/10 of the bases on them, then orange got extremely hard for anybody who didn’t have divines still left in that tier, i think i only got 4/10 done or something like that. All of my divines moved up to green so that one was easier for me than orange an i’d like to say that i completed maybe 7/10 or 8/10 with using one full revive only?

I would think that they should maybe take divines out of the mix so that they aren’t trying to compare the base levels to divine power, but rather to the normal tier dragons that aren’t nearly as powerful.

Also i love this style event because i have every single dragon (except mehaten) from red-sapphire and they are all experts so it gives me a lot of combinations to use and variety. :wink:


Also, to consolidate ideas: What event(s) do you like?

That’s the thing, I would honestly prefer it not be for seasonal prizes. But be catered to lineage in some way. Because I would like to see it more often than when events typically repeat themselves. It be cool for it to be a regular part of the game. Now as for the difficulty in programming it smoothly I would have no idea as I’m not a programmer lol. Obviously they have to have some kind of mechanic in it for PG to earn money because otherwise what benefit is it to them to put the kind of work required in to getting it to run well.

So, is it this specific thing that you are liking, or is it more the opportunity to use older dragons? Or just a break from the monotony of the “regular” game and the season event grind cycle?

I guess what I’m asking is–are you looking for something like a series of “quests” (borrowing from RPG land here, just for lack of a better term)? It seems like something that would be running in the background, like the token missions, but rather than endlessly cycling, maybe an actual story arc? IDK. Maybe I’m projecting and idea of my own onto what I see here (if so, I apologize).

If that totally misses what you’re getting at, can you flesh it out for me just a little?

It may just be because I was/am not a great flier, but I hated the ‘Achilla Trials’ event (with miracles). IIRC they had ice and fire turrets in really low level bases (no resists for dragons that low and no ability to equip them). Seemed like everyone I knew was having to boost and equip consumables to every dragon. Once you reached like Orange tier, the bases were a nightmare, and it cost an abusrd amount of ‘miracles’ to heal any one dragon… that whole event was like a 5 day kick in the nuts. I remember the forums going crazy about how difficult it was - aside from a handful of people telling the masses to ‘learn how to fly’…

So yeah, that iteration was garbage unless you are really really good… It shouldn’t be a cakewalk (like Team Assualt if you’re over level 84) - but it was definitely too far in the other direction for the majority IMO.

Yea I remember it being a bit difficult at least for the lower tiers. It was scaled pretty horribly but the concept of it is a great idea. It just needs to be balanced better. I think maybe instead of excluding divines completely, maybe allow one use of them and have an expensive way to revive them. That way you can’t just spam them and have the rest of the tier more catered to lineage dragons. If it’s a difficult event I can understand the dislike of it being a standalone seasonal event…but I guess that’s part of the reason I would like to push this particular event to be a more regular event that boosts your lineage dragon progression instead of all the events to progress your divines.

You’re pretty much following along with my thought process. I would like it to be an both an opportunity to use old dragons again and something to break up the constant grind that the game is, whether it be tokens or seasonal events. Your idea of adding a story arc aspect to the game is appealing. But overall yes something to coincide with the rest of the game.

I also do like this specific event, just needs to be improved upon