Events calendar

There are many calendars with the planning of future events. For example it’s already know that the next event will be feeding and then fortification, but you did say that they were not programmed! :thinking:


Lmao, it’s so wrong it hurts. KOTH has been pulled, so it’s already inaccurate. CtW won’t be seen around either.
Feeding likely won’t appear till next season, but it’s a wildcard :man_shrugging:t3:


You’re right, I think it probably was done before KOTH was taken away. We’ll see if the next event will be feeding or not

Well seeing as they got some guesses wrong already I’d say it’s not to be trusted.

Week 3 is wrong
Week 7 is wrong
Week 9 is wrong
Week 11 is wrong

Also as a side note, i think it’s a very bad idea to put out these prediction charts so far in advance. Especially when they KNEW that new events are coming out. Either incompetence or sheer stupidity

Also to be noted, the previous chart that this same person put out for last year was wrong as well starting at about week 5 i believe and then IIRC every event after that was wrong. So just saying maybe it shouldn’t be trusted.


unfortunately many players rely on these lists thinking that they are official. I was talking about this today :woman_facepalming:t2:


But next will be feeding right? The meteorology says so

The only wrong thing I found it this calendar was the name of the war event. Just treat such records as “some war event”, that’s all.

P. S. Basically, the only useful thing for me from that calendar was date of feeding event :slight_smile: - otherwise it is always breeding - war - fortification - war - breeding - …, so no need in calendar, really.

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I bet 400k wood that next is Gauntlet... Feel free to raid me if I lose

I double bet 1.2M lumber :man_facepalming::joy::joy::joy:

I’ll trump y’all and go all in on feeding.

Until the CF and we announce what the next event is on Monday, I would not bet on anything.


Feeding! :pray: I’m finally ready for it :pray:

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Feeding was in the beginning of this season. If i correctly remember feeding is only once per season. Next event will be PvP (or I call it fighting) then should be fort, then another PvP then breeding. Unless admins change and put another feeding on memorial day weekend on May 23 2018

Feeding has been the 10th event so far. If they changed then it will not be it.

Feeding has always replaced a PvP for holiday weekends (US). God I hope it doesn’t come up

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Next event for sure wouldnt be a breeding again, i dare you PG do, double breeding event this time. It will ruin that notes

Plus, don’t we have a second new event PG has yet to unveil…

A silly question perhaps…
How many new pvp events are designed this season?

I bet 1.4M wood, next is Feeding :sweat_smile:

I’ll take that bet. PM me in game so i can bookmark you pls :slight_smile:

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