Events calendar


You don’t remember correctly, summer 2017 had feeding twice.


I believe he means that he remembers PGCoffee say that there would be feeding at the start of each season in the cycles when he was on the live stream pumping up the crowd for kingdom wars. They showed a flow chart with event progression.




That second image is showing feeding every 10 events, exactly as we’ve seen it in the recent past. I don’t watch the streams though so don’t know what was said there.

I guess we’ll know soon enough. I’ll just keep doing xp runs on my useless old dragons anyway, and let it come when it comes.


You’re on mech!


Ok, i’ll message you :wink:


Summer 2017 says hi

Feeding is usually once a season because it usually falls every 9-10 weeks. There’s 13 weeks in each season


The second new PvP event won’t come out until during the summer season this yesr


One new event during this season - Kingdom Wars. One more new will be introduced during summer season.


I literally just said that the new event comes out next season, no need to rephrase it


I lost the bet…
I didn’t think it would be Kingdom Wars again…

Note: Ad0r3d has announced it





What is the next event?? Kingdom Wars? :flushed:


My new least favourite event👍


As per @PoseidonPQ


Edit: My avatar looks feminine!!! :flushed:


To paraphrase Obiwan “This is not the event you are looking for.”


Dude looks like a lady.


Sooo we’re going to repeat the same grindy event that drove everyone nuts just a month ago? :sob:. Hope they have made some adjustments or I may just take a holiday lol. We desperately need some new events, at the least they could have done Gauntlet this week


I hope its feeding


It’s Kingdom wars, on both WDgeeks and