Events calendar


So, Kingdom Wars and feeding pushed back to Memorial Day weekend, I’m willing to bet.


Or July 4th :upside_down_face:


Maybe, the 4th does fall on a Wednesday.


Not that there’s anything wrong with that these days… Just saying



Double breeding when no one has tokens is evil


Kingdom Wars AGAIN? Please tell me they have made some changes to it at least?!?


Kingdom wars great for organized teams sucks for anyone else


PQs poster includes the words “adjustments based on community feedback” so 🤷


Ok, nice! I will wait for details… :slight_smile:


Hope this means there is a bonus meter :smiley:


Friends if any changes in the rules of kingdom wars were released ?


:triumph: Insider trading…


Obviously they didnt include the most important feedback of all. You know, since we are having it and all.


Total bullshit. Feeding is not the next event.


Because you as an individual don’t like the event, they should scrap it? I love how smart you are, truly one of a kind :expressionless:


Fortification should be next in line after Kingdom Wars is over.


Please dont bring after next breeding a feeding event. Bring it this season or after week 2 of new season please.
Last time we had no chance of choosing inside first weeks of 50% sale …


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