Events coming soon


Anyone know what the next few events will be? I would like to know for my teams wiki so we can be more prepared and ready for events.


Likely to be breeding next


Breed, pvp, and then start new season with fort.


We can only make guesses.


If not breeding we riot hahahahah


Thank you.


Why? Yet another week to save? The breed event is the least player friendly event we have. The ROI is absolutely trash. I’m waiting to finally have a garnet but I can wait another week.


Because I already have enough, also need to change tier too. =x


Give me my dam hau already! Breed was “supposed” to be this event (following the 4 week cycle) but okay, an extra week for gold research, I’m fine with that, but 2 extra weeks? Get outta here!


Must have new shinies now! :tada:

Anyway, the extra time off from Thanksgiving in the US = more time to grind out xp runs for the second breed :smiley:


My bet is on breeding then the season ends with fight pits


that event sounds like the pits :poop:


:joy: yeah they said they’re bringing it back this season with changes based on player input so let’s see if it is an improvement :+1:


I’m waiting for Hau too :grin:


I’m also waiting for Hau :joy::joy:


The Breed event needs two things… incentive and incentive. 1/ adjust the achievement points and then reset to zero every 24 hours. Ie smaller prizes more often. 2/ put some awesome egg tokens in chests like 1 in every 1000 = 10000 tokens, 1 in every 100 = 1000 tokens. Hey, they’re worthless bits of binary code, costs them nothing.


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