Events preferential treatment


After god knows how many years you would think by now that events could start randomly and not ALWAYS at the most convenient time for USA players and when most of the ROW are sleeping or working! When will this continual USA advantage and preferential treatment stop and all players treated equally?


Agree it sucks for ROW, but I think its because PG HQ is in US. They need to be around when it starts in case something is jacked up, which often happens.


I don’t think it’s to give America an advantage, it’s just that they have to have a person there to release the codes to start the event which means since the company is in California they have to do it based on American timezones while they are in the office. They launch it about an hour or two before office closing time so that if there is a bug, they can fix it.

It sucks for global people but it’s an American game that ended up going global. We here have the same issues with Chinese and Australian games. But the companies are nice enough to offer it and we can choose to accept or play a game from our own regions.

I’m a night shifter so I tend to feel the pain that German players do lol


Pretty sure this has been addressed in other forum threads, by developers. Try searching for war start times…


Spot the American on the defensive.


Defensive? No. Pointing out that the question has been asked, and answered, multiple times.

Personally, I would rather events start at a specific time. Any time. It can be staggered and announced at what time it will start well in advance (at least 24 hours prior). I really don’t care. But, it is pointless to debate this in this, 456th thread, on the topic.


Perhaps if it has been talked about so much then action should be taken. What your basically saying is to forget about it as it’s never going to change.
I don’t believe a topic has been created on this NEW forum and only exists in the old forum in the archives so yes I do think this topic should be brought up again. Now I’m not saying there isn’t an active topic in the new forum but I would be delighted for you to prove it!


Ugh, let me close my game and go to the browser forums so I can copy and paste links for you since you can’t seem to use the search function yourself, something that is supposedly so great about discourse forums. Be right back with proof.


Every game, ever invented had timers such as event starts, resets, etc friendly to the home country of the developing company.




@Mer1in is that enough proof for you? That little spyglass works wonders. I even told you to search for “War start” and voila, the discussions turned to event starts as well.


Sounds like someone woke up late on his alarm and found he had zero food left over :man_shrugging:


I will admit, I went and checked to see if maybe it was me that took his food. Nope, too low level for me to get much rss from :rofl:


This is about war start time not event


This is about event rewards and not start times


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The thread most certainly mentions events starting at a certain time or at least close. In fact there’s several replies and banter on both end of it discussing why it can’t be done or why it should be. :man_shrugging:


Mentions I agree but not specifically about the topic


I believe one of the threads actually includes a response from a developer as to why events don’t have a set start time. So not specifically addressing event starts? Uh, yes, it does.