Events requiring inner fires and chests

To many events, with hardly any time between them, require inner fires and chests, so either we need a new event or more frequent drops of inner fires than we do currently.


Grind chests and you’ll have plenty depending on usage. I used about 1,000 bronze chests and 200 gold chests from last season at the beginning of this one. Between that and using the chests I’ve gotten so far this season during pvp’s I’m still sitting on plenty of inner fires and energy packs. I’ve also scored atleast the 450 sigil range every pvp event as well.

Doing well in this game takes either money or time if you want to do well like others decide now on which you want to spend in game. If you dont put in the money or the time why should you score as well as those that do?

Dont mean to be snippy but that’s the gist of it. Welcome to the forums by the way.

I’ve been very suspicious of the Energy pack payouts of late. Previously I had waaaay more Energy than IFs. Now I’m nearly out of Energy packs and have 800+ IFs. My playing/energy usage style hasn’t changed either…

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You mean exactly the same time as the last two years?

Chest drops for pvp have been unchanged for quite a while now. Any change in your supply is in random luck, or in your consumption patterns.

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I’m assuming they’re talking about the removal of feeding and the addition of assault meaning potential energy use has gone up.

Although for me last assault was net energy positive

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Unless you are rushing to get to the top, I don’t think using energy pack on the Assault event is really advisable.

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