Events: Shortening the time of current ones/Creating new ones

Can we please shorten the amount of time that events last? I’ve noticed that because each event lasts for 6 days players get bored with it long before it’s over. Events should probably only last about 3 days tops then have a day to just chill then move to another event. Also we need new events. The ones we currently have have gone stale and the monotony of the game is making it boring. Let’s mix it up a little and get a handful of new events to keep players interested. Especially since not all of us have access to Atlas.

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Which event lasts 6 days??


All of them. They start on Wednesday and go Till Monday.

They run from around 14:00 PT on Wednesday to 18:00 PT on Monday which is about 5 days and 4 hours.

Subtract a day for PvP/major events (treasure hunt stage doesn’t really count). :woman_shrugging:


Only Breeding and Fort run that long (Wednesday to Monday) and why the heck should we shorten those? Some people need the whole length. If they’re bored the can go do stuff in Atlas. (If they don’t have Atlas I guess that means more time for their families.)

PVP events actually START on Thursday (treasure hunt phase does not count IMO). I could stand seeing PVP events starting one day later than they currently do, but I’d want prize tiers readjusted for the less time. I doubt PG will do that, so leave well enough alone.


Either way they still last too long. And we still need new ones.

I’ll agree we need new PVP events. Breeding and fortification as fine as they are.

The extra time in breeding lets people going after multiple dragons have a more sane level of grinding required.

The extra time in fortification allows the lumber economy to somewhat bounce back after the initial rush of timer usage is through.


So there are two components here: Event length and event variety.

  1. Length
    The value of event length varies widely, depending on where you are, what you’re willing to do, and what rewards you’re looking for. More than that, it has ripple effects across the entire playerbase.

    Fort, for example, is longer than necessary for many players, but that also means that there’s a chance for people to get lumber during the rebound if they couldn’t get it at the beginning. In contrast, this was one of the issues with Feeding - there was no rebound, so the event was a brief rush for food and a lot of scraping scraps or using your own farms.

    If you wanted to argue for shortening PvP events, you might get some support, if prizes were rebalanced appropriately, but things like Fort and Breeding are long for a reason.

  2. Variety.
    Well, you’re welcome to suggest new event ideas. But as for creating new ones, I should note:
    Nominate a Base for an Upcoming Event!


I want new events, that’s it.

So shorten pvp events and keep the others the same. But we definitely need new pvp events.

Nooo no shortened events please

Yes please.

I think shorter events will be hard to pull off if PG does implement that.

I’m talking about all the casual players out there. If events are shortened, then you might run into the problem of having many people not able to participate. Thus in turn damage teams who might otherwise have done better with the normal event time.

(Truth be told, I’m in Gold currently and my team needs the full time for many of my members to participate)


Minor, 5d 4h, is good now.

PvP. 4d 6h, which is 4n (4n + 1 if the initial reset is calculated) reset times.

I wonder that less time for PvP means huge strain for casual players to get a good prize.


I would like new and/or revised PvP events, especially given that PvP replaced feeding. PG hinted at a new event here on the Forums.

The extra time for breeding and fort are pretty much required in my book, not to mention it gives us time to go stir up some action in Atlas. Glory is pretty important these days.


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