Ever feel guilty hitting certain teams?

I know all is fair in War Dragons but I find myself passing up teams who love Jesus. There was this one time I found a base that would complete two egg missions and yielded good xp. I think the team name was JesusIsKing. I was hesitant but pushed myself to do it anyway due to a time crunch. Part way through the raid, I had to quit because I felt horrid. :see_no_evil:

Anyone else feel the same way about teams that touch on things of importance in your real lives? Or is it too sensitive of a topic? :eyes:


I don’t look at people’s teams when attacking them most of the time.

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Declaring war on a team with ten less people than my own. I feel like crap doing that. I know how it felt and would not wish it on anyone. I would not declare twice on one team in the same league either




Guilty? Nope.

Hint: By bringing those types of things into game (religion, country names, etc), they’re actually hoping you feel guilty and don’t hit them. Oh, they’re a team from “insert small country here”, I won’t hit my fellow countrymen, etc…

Don’t be a sucker, beat em down!


I never look at name nor team name, serves little to no purpose in my opinion. All I’m after is the resources/xp

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I will say, it’s entertainment in its own right to see how creative people can get with their names.

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In almost every raid, I check the following: online status, team name, and league/division. I don’t raid my friends & their teams (if they are team leader) and also don’t raid within my division. It helps keep friends as friends and not make enemies in LC. :grin:

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Is this a serious question?


Omg the names. :roll_eyes:. This one time, a player named BootieEater was raiding my member who was 9 years old. :see_no_evil:. Yup, I know there is a 13 year old age limit but I didn’t know until after she joined.


What, you never feel guilty for raiding someone? :flushed:

Sometimes I’ll even write them and offer to put up my towers so they can get their stuff and more back.

That’s… sad and really funny.


I never feel bad about anything.


This is a game that is based on burning ppl. So like he said :point_up_2: is this a real question

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Aww. It’s ok to have feelings. Just cause some of us don’t or can’t, doesn’t mean others shouldn’t.

I love clever names. I give them kudos as I take their rss.


I don’t have a conscience

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All is fair in love and war as John Lyly says. Therefore I agree with @Jonesy
Just a personal opinion, no offense.

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I assume the little people on my island run and hide during a dragon attack. The only thing that happens is property damage :sweat_smile:

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If the team does not represent Jesus, you have even less to feel guilty about. It’s not about the name or label that people slap on things. It’s what it is that makes a difference.

Also, being sensible in this game is slowly becoming a rarity lol. Keep the good work up.

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We are the same, we don’t declare on a team again once we’ve beat them already. :hugs: