Ever feel guilty hitting certain teams?


Lol they will declare on you later


True but it’s them initiating the war … which means we feel no guilt when we spank them. :sunglasses:


What if you hate Jesus though? I’m sure MonsterDesert would prefer Mohammed to Jesus


I barely have time to look at names let alone teams when I’m scouring for RSS. I hit friends by accident all the time :confused::confused:


:joy:You defintely got a point there. I’m not sure if it was Mohammad or the Hakcer God they worship, but man i hate cheaters. MonsterDesert… yikes.


They’re on their way back up now - just in my Plat 2 league. Can’t war them cos we can’t beat 300+ bases so Sapphire they’re all yours!


I await their return




:thinking: no, what? Seeing people randomly rail against them in LC over their name back when they were bigger was always a tad jarring tho.


You do know no one is really getting hurt, right? Digital trees and “meat” grow back really fast too…


He has RSS I take it or another does it, then I better.
I can declare war and give the team safe points, then it must be, otherwise I am a bad officer


Honestly my biggest regret is all the teams/people I have not gotten to yet :frowning_face:


Anyone want to guess the % population of this game that is a likely sociopath? My money’s on 80%


If youre talking about their personality in the game, maybe… i think the number will drastically reduce when taking how they deal with people in life into account. Otherwise they’d get punched too often to play the game.


Maybe they wear helmets all day


Hmmm :thinking: guess that explains why my previous team “HellWillRise” fell :man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:


When I see teams with Jesus or religion tied into it I burn em down.

Looks like your icon couldn’t save your digital Life…

This is a war game, my team has beaten down because we had too many open spots, so why should I feel bad about it doing it to someone else’s team?

I’ve also declared wars on a team as soon as we finished with them. If you’re a good rating boost and we think we can win, we will war.


hmmm… no. I don‘t feel guilty. I actually don‘t raid people smaller than Lv. 300 if I can help it, or in the higher 200s if it is one of this stupid quests with „kill 3000 fire turrets“ :roll_eyes: and I can‘t find decent bases over 300 with enough needed towers. I don‘t care which team they are on or their team name…


That was a painful read… I was expecting it to go somewhere like “do you feel guilty when farming the hell out of one team over and over because (insert reason)”… But no, because of their team name? really?

This is a war game, you are SUPPOSE to hit others.


Burn em all, let their God sort them out.