Ever feel guilty hitting certain teams?


Lmao!im heartless,when I need rss!:joy_cat:
I’m not even looking what team is it and is owner online or no,lol




I have to say the best name I’ve seen is PGkissmy*ss (sensored ‘swear word’)


I know but it still feels wrong … maybe cause there are thousands of other players I can steal from. Seems I’m the only one who feels this way. :eyes:


At one point I might have felt a little guilty after being ramsacked by a few bigger better teams… Nope I’ll hit any of them and Idk who said it bring religion, politics, all that personal opinion stuff into the game especially a team name its cause you want someone to feel bad or guilty and not hit you. The game has WAR in the title, I guess being a pansy is some peoples strategy to winning Idk.


Some teams use their team name as a way of linking themselves to something important to them. Common example would be the American football teams … New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, etc.


Again two fairly Dominant teams, say if it was the Cleveland Browns or so someone might feel bad for hitting them cause their city and team already sucks. Personally it would make me want to hit them more for choosing a team with such a lousy name!


I don’t do guilt, but once I was about to raid someone for RSS and happened to notice their name was related to a very specific car shop that is fairly local to me, so I emailed them, and brought them over to my team. :rofl:


Now that’s cool!


You missed the point. The teams that name themselves after things/people are linking themselves to it. Prime example, Dreadnought … Google it and what comes up? Images of rainbows and flowers? :smirk:


I get it, also think some people purposely exploit things such as religion to make people feel bad or guilty for hitting them. I’m saying IDC the team name I don’t feel guilty to hitting in a war game. If it is just to express something near and dear to them then cool this isn’t directed towards them and they wont mind me flying over their bases.


When you “hit” someone’s base, all it does is make a computer blip go bleep or bloop instead… no big deal.


As a ravens fan I hate all things Ohio, burn em down. We had a thread on a war with an xp farm team in the forums. General opinion that it was a bad thing to declare against them


Cleveland The Curse on the Lake hahaha


Haha not at all. If anything, a team that drags religious proselytizing into the dragon sphere makes me hit them more. :smiling_imp:


But “Cleveland Rocks”, ask Drew


Looks like Drew bought some crack rocks in Cleveland haha you seen how skinny he is now :rofl:


I’m an atheist so no other ppl religion doesn’t stop me at all


To me, a name doesn’t alter the likelyhood that I’ll hit/raid them.

This thread reminds me of the bumper sticker “Baby On Board”.

I just imagine someone thinking “well it’s a good job they had the bumper sticker. I was planning on wrecking my car by driving into the back of that car but now that I see the bumper sticker… I’ll do my best not to.”


Baby on Board helps to explain to other drivers why they are driving with extra care. As in stopping at a yellow light. :slight_smile: