Ever feel guilty hitting certain teams?


Eight years of driving and I don’t think that I’ve ever made that connection. :exploding_head:

What about “Jesus is my SatNav” ? :thinking:


Back on topic…
I felt guilty when hitting one target during KotH (this one). Hitting a lv 121, turns out the he is lv 20 in disguise. It’s not because that base is small, but my Avyx still has exp multiplier…:joy:


I have no idea what SatNav is :thinking:

Baby on Board can also be interpreted as … No, I’m not drunk, I got a screaming terror in the back seat. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Satellite navigation, like GPS


SatNav = Satellite Navigation or GPS

edit: acknowledging the speedy fingers of @Enigma who beat me to the punch.


Did you tell your team to hit it too? :joy:


That’s an easy yes…


Oh, that’s easy then, it means they are a follower of Jesus Christ. :grin:


To continue the off topic nature of this off topic thread…

Baby on board stickers are there for emergency responders, as babies have a hard time saying that they need help after a traffic accident


Really? I didn’t use mine for that purpose but that is a good point. :+1:t3:

Mine was more to warn other peeps not to expect me to be rational. :joy:


My mom used Baby on Board sticker to get out of speeding tickets (she couldn’t control her speed due to the pest [me] in the back seat), she said I was “distracting” her.


Did it work? :eyes:


Yes twice actually. One was with a local officer and other was with a state trooper


Wir wurden aus Saphire 3 in Gold 4 getreten, in 14 Tagen, keine 50 Player, jeden Tag mehrer Kriege, ja und wir kommen wieder.
Aber wir haben Atlas


Fun fact (not really but :woman_shrugging::rofl:) those signs are actually meant to tell emergency services that an infant is in the vehicle if there is an accident. That’s why it sucks that people use them as a fashion accessory now or keep them in their car permanently even when no child is in the vehicle


Translation “We were kicked out of Sapphires 3 in Gold 4, in 14 days, no 50 players, every day several wars, yes and we will be back. But we have atlas”



seem like you’re the only special snowflake in this “War Game”


Yup, I tend to be different :slight_smile:


I thought this post was going to be comical…which it is, but in a different way then I expected.


Naw, I’m serious about it. Even now I can’t bring myself to raid certain teams / players. :woman_shrugging: