Ever had a missing perch?

Recently, some teammates let me know that they could not see my perch, and had assumed it was upgrading. However, the perch had not been upgraded since i put mehatan on it months ago. it was sitting there at level 32 with mehatan and tanok on it.

has anyone else ever seen this?

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Last time I had this it was fixed by feeding my perch. You can also try putting a tower into storage and/or changing your profile picture, those might work as well.

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We have had players with a similar issue, missing towers. Not exactly the same but ill provide the steps that were taken to resolve the issue.

-Remove tower(s) and place them on storage (in this case I guess remove dragon and leave it be)
-Change your avatar portrait to any other portrait you have in your gallery.
-Force-restart the game
-Return tower(s) to their respective postitions or any island you wish (in this case put the dragon back on the perch)
-change your avatar portrait back to what it was
-do a final force-restart

Hope this helps, it was given by PG support team.


I got one even better that I just found out today. I could see my defensive rider on my perch & defense was showing 2.82B on my screen. Tried defending an Obsidian Gig & it wiped my base. My teammate checked my base and it was only 632M and was not showing my defensive rider on my perch :confounded:. I last changed my rider during Fort. I change my portrait daily how does the server not update very disappointing. F.Y.I. removing dragon perch and putting it back on fixed the issue.

Your base can also be reset by changing your avatar, and then changing it back.

You must have forgot the step to do the hokey pokey while patting your head and rubbing your belly while reciting the alphabet backwards. :joy::joy::joy:


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