EvilxSide New Team Looking For Players


Looking for players & officers ( 1+ year(s) of experience)
To help me build something great!
I know you’re in a higher league and it’ll be a drop, but I am looking for experienced players to help me teach new players how to play lay the game the right way!
Super competitive, I don’t mess around
, but I did have to start somewhere and I would truly appreciate it if someone would help me with my journey.

EvilxSide - Iucifer





Gold IV



Not to sound derailing, but could i suggest looking into JawsOfDragons? Currently gold1, has atlas, looking to teach new players and move up. Basically what you’re doing but with a ton of ground work done. Lot of good people including some in the 2-300 range but mostly sub 60 gold players. You’d be very welcome!


Level 300+ players if you’re looking for a great team with diamond leadership please message me at Xfactor84 for ChactiocDrive


The NoK could use a player with your spunk. Consider joining us LFM – Plat 2 – NightOfKnives – lvl 70+


I’m looking for all players ( experience doesn’t matter )
But for officers the experience matters to me.

I’m not looking to join any teams (respectfully)
I’m looking for players to join my journey :pray:t3:


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