Evo Stones say 8/9

I’m positive I got Gunnar’s last stone why does it say 8/9 in the breeding castle?
Is that just showing where he’s currently at? He’s been evolved to the 8th stone and once evolved to Vanguard it will say 9/9?

It’s because he is harbinger. It would have not owned in parentheses next to the stone if you didn’t collect it

Thats what I thought but was a little
Worried :joy: Had to check!

Click it u can see if owned


pic to show what i mean incase confused


I don’t suppose you took a pic of what lines you finished at the end of the season? Although if you have Pathox, UVS you have to have Gunnar’s last stone :joy:

Edit: It’s a bad idea to try remembering which dragon came from which season shortly after waking up :sweat_smile:

Wrong season Liz. Gunnar was the discount for UVS. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m my defense, it’s freaking 6:05 am here and I’m still not entirely awake :rofl::rofl:

(Plus the seasons all blur together after 3 years of playing lol)


Odin? Is that you? Yoyoyo! What is up!?

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:roll_eyes: I can’t believe you said that :rofl:

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