Evolution stone for dragons


Is it possible to make the evolution stone universal for all the dragons… it is quiet frustrating to know that i can’t level up my 4 dragons because of this evolution stones.

I’m starting to loose my energy and enthusiasm on the game because of this.

Evolution Stones... mystic stones

Are you proposing that a garnet evolution stone earned against Chimerak work on an older dragon like Skarr or Sage?

Surely that then means that Chimerak has no evolution stone and another person has a reason to complain.


Sounds like you made a mistake of going for multiple dragons last season instead of just focussing on one?

I’d recommend to only do one seasonal branch, especially if you are unable to finish one entirely. That way you won’t run into this problem again :slight_smile:


This is unlikely to happen. This topic has been brought up many times (either re-releasing event dragons, re-releasing stones, or allowing the use of stones on other event dragons) and it always ends the same way. The point is that the seasonal event dragons are one-time only and will not be released again. Not everyone will complete every dragon, and not everyone is even going to complete a single dragon. But the next season they’ll be higher level with better dragons and they’ll be more capable of getting farther.

The way the system is built is that with effort and little to no expense, the average player will finish one tier only. Those who spend or have been saving rubies might get two of the tiers. Only those that spend a lot and have the ability to place high on all events in the highest tiers will get enough to get all of the dragons and all their stones.


I think if they did a drop feom chest or throw one in on a time line from time to time that would work on any Dragon at any tier.

Mystic Pearl evolve stone.

that way if something happens can’t get line completed etc etc at least you would have that chance from a chest drop or something


The only way that I see old stones coming back (and I don’t think it will actually happen) is if PG brought out packs similar to those for Ember at a heavy price.


I understand that Event Dragons are a one time only, but I agree, is very frustrating to have a dragon you can’t evolve anymore. And is just not because you made the mistake going for multiple dragons, in my case I like the game to come whenever I can to disconnect from work and grown up responsibilities, but I can’t always dedicate a lot of time, so pursuing the events 100% is not possible. And now I’m stuck with a Summer dragon I can’t evolve.

That’s what’s frustrating. Evolution Stones should be accessible regardless the season.


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