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I currently have 3 dragons (Kirin, Ember and one other I forgot it’s name atm), I cant seem to level them up without evolution stones. I’ve been googling where to get them so far all I’m finding is having to purchase them for real money, is there any other ways to get them for free in the game - like from events for somehing like that? I can’t use real money to purchase them (I have no way to do so).


Don’t worry about trying to level up Ember just leave him low level. As for other seasonal dragons like Kirin, once the season is over there is no way to obtain more stones.

Keep Ember low-leveled, at lvl1 if you can. Don’t bother buying stones for him. That way you can farm egg token missions easily.
I was dumb and leveled him to 14 :sob:
As for Kirin, the Wintertide season has passed and you can no longer get any stones for him.

Edit: Lol, post above mine gives the answer in less words :joy:

It seems that it was too late. I think his is lv 6 or more.

Ember is different than most and yes you have to buy stones real money, but he’s best kept lv 1.
Most other divine dragons are won through the event season rewards. Each season new dragons come out and you use event sigils to get prizes, like the dragons and their stones. Once a season ends there is no way to gather stones anymore for that season dragons, so get to a place you like and then do better next season.

Some dragons are time limited. Once they are gone they are gone. Kirin is one of them. He was a winter season dragon and you have that season to earn evolution stones for him

A new season just started and you have a whole new selection of dragons to earn including evolution stones for them. Give them a try

Thanks everyone for the help. I’ve been away from the game for a year or so, last time I played it there was no such thing as evolution stones, a lot of stuff has been added since last time I played so having to re-learn everything.

Thanks again.

The evolution stones are magnitudes better than the divine dragons before hand. At least they are to me :wink:

They just easier for lower lvl players to get now, before you had to work up to being able to get divines.

They will be back next season and you can use this seasons sigils to get them…

Not even a /s or another else to make sure the OP and everyone else know you’re kidding?

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I don’t understand what that means, feel free to edit my comment if you must. Also, answers have been provided as soon as the post went live, why is this still an open thread inviting more discussion about it. Answer is quite simple and was provided in the first response by @JJ6758

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Rofl, yeah never heard of that. Can we close this topic though :slight_smile: I’m allergic to the phrase “evolution stones” and my only cure is sarcasm.

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