Evolution Stone

How to get Evolution stones

Open event. Open season tab. Look at a dragon you like. Claim prizes with sigils till you get those stones. Get as many as you can after you pick a good dragon.

Old evo stones are gone and can’t be claimed anymore.

You spend sigils in the event season window, eventually you get stones. Be aware that evolution stones from previous seasons are not available and there are two exceptions (Ember and Ochre) to the sigil way of claiming stones.

For Ember buy the evolution pack.
For divine participate in weekly events.

Thank you for your quick reply :+1::slight_smile:

How sad :pensive: if you have good dragons that cannot be levelled anymore Kardul

I never missed a season without maxing one Dragon or rider, though I will have to retire Skarr in a few months or more…

Regarding Ember, all of his evo stone packs will disappear once a legendary green dragon is hatched

Regarding ember, he’s best kept at level 1 forever and ever.


Is this a universal Evo stone thread? I’m scared to look up :joy::joy:

No it doesn’t seem to be.

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