Evolution stones for upgrading dragons

I would like to see if this could make any traction. Evolution stones, have a spot where u could buy them starting at $20 and going up $5 for higher lvl stone. They could even add a chest box to go with the stone. This would help finish off older seasonal dragons that players like instead of making them useless. They would have to make it so ppl wouldn’t be able to use on current seasonal dragons. Just another way for the developers to make money but it would be nice to get a stone our 2.


Just saying hi before this thread is instantly terminated and you are berated for starting the same topic for the millionth time.




Welcome to the froums! We have all made mistakes in the game or made decisions we later regret. However, as posted in November, limited-time items/dragons are meant to be limited time.

Next time, please make use of the “search” feature on the top right hand corner of the page to see if your question/suggestion has already been answered or addressed!