Evolution stones in feeding events

So why don’t we get points for leveling up dragons with evolution stone I think we should get pooings for that too. But how much should we get?

Do any one of us really know how Evolution Stones work? Do the dragons actually eat them? Absorb their energy force? Stare at them?
Whatever it is, it’s not food (as a resource, like wood), so I don’t think it should count. :t_rex:


We don’t get points for feeding Chunk either , I just tried :laughing:

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Here is an example that was filmed by my dragon rider last week.

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I suppose if the dragons eat the evo stones, it would lead to very colorful pooings!

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Let me ask (playing devils advocate) why should we? I know being given more stuff always feels good, but is there a game mechanic that makes it worth doing or not doing?

I could argue in both directions. They do call it a dragon training tournament.

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Each dragon has their own evo stone level requirement, which is different for each dragon…
Putting it as one constant won’t be fair I guess…

What I never understood is why we don’t get points for xp potions… in every other event there’s SOMETHING besides the main staple that gives extra points … shards for building mystic fragments for breeding… I don’t really count transferring xp because let’s face it that’s a COST and uses up something you need for other things not something specifically for training like xp potions

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