Evolution Stones... mystic stones


We have mystic fragments for eggs…

If you introduced mystic stones that would allow players to upgrade all past dragons. As a buffer maybe only allow them to be used on last seasons dragons?

Not sure about cost but as we all know most dragons become worthless as new tiers are introduced.
This would also be a way to help keep people interested or get them to keep their favorite dragons around longer.


This has been discussed many times, it would be nice but it’ll never happen.


Not this again :man_facepalming:t2:

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Close this thread… Enough already…


This has been discussed to death already. Please search the forums for other threads that have mostly all been locked.

Limited time season dragons are , and should remain, exactly that. Limited time only.


We have several threads about this.
If you search the word “evolution” you’ll find a lot of information about this.

Closing this one