Evolution stones of ochre

One question,
When can I find the evolution stones of ochre??

Ochre was a one time dragon. The first stone was 5$, second stone 20$, and third stone was 100$.

@PhraynkDragOn I think you’re confused with Ember?

Ochre stones were given out as team rewards during one event earlier this season. It’s unknown if they’re coming back.

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Time is running out, and no the stones were not sold that way. We have two more events, let’s hope the team achievements have the needed stones.

First event of the season Ochre was a big hit if your team contributed which I believe was the intention to encourage more whole team participation, which it did. The stones were part of a one time event snooze you lose basically a lost cause. Next season they’ll offer a new dragon in its place! @Arelyna @PGCrisis is this correct?

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