Evolution stones universal

If I may make a suggestion…

Some of us players who joined after the game was started missed out on a lot of previous dragons and evolution stones etc etc etc

I would like to put it out there that maybe in the future you could offer green gold and maybe even platinum evolution stones as prizes during the events that are universal and can be used on a dragon of the users choice, that way if a person has a dragon that they really like flying but won’t be useful as the player levels up and progresses this will give them the opportunity to continue to fly said dragon in future endeavors. I personally have a couple myself that have become null and void as they are no longer effective.

I’m not suggesting a stone for every event every week but perhaps one stone a month maybe? And also not making it so impossible to achieve so that lower level players such as myself can still acquire a stone without braking the bank doing so
Thank you!

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Ah, this again. :t_rex:

Old dragons get replaced by newer stronger shinier dragons. It’s part of the game :slight_smile:


Was there one before? First time throwing it out there and if there was what was their response?

It was time, it was…how I missed thee, rainbow evolution continual universal stones

Use the search feature.


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A quick search of the forums next time will do you nicely. It has been confirmed that PG has no plans of doing this. This topic is beating a dead, decayed horse. :t_rex:

At this point it’s playing a bleached skeleton-xylophone.


Well then I guess the conversation is over :joy:


Abracadabra! :sparkles:

There are already too many dragons. :rofl:

Lutrus, you’re quite the forums ninja

Welcome to the froums! We have all made mistakes in the game or made decisions we later regret. However, as posted in November, limited-time items/dragons are meant to be limited time.

Next time, please make use of the “search” feature on the top right hand corner of the page to see if your question/suggestion has already been answered or addressed!

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