Evolving an existing tower instead of introducing newer flaks

Ever since there has been an announcement that even more flak is going to come out (which I’m really not that happy of), I’ve been thinking of if there are any ways to introduce some new options to defense without too much frustration. One way I think it sounds good is to introduce some towers such as Fire Archers/Ice Cannons etc…that could evolve from already existing tower on the base using Fire/Ice Shards.

Problems that I see with introducing Flaks are

  1. You have to build new tower from scratch, when it is a better base building strategy to keep bases short as possible with high level tower.
  2. It dilutes effectiveness of runes and resists everytime upon introduction.
  3. All of them uses elemental ember, while ice/fire shards are so excess. (Biggest problem, but may be one that you don’t want to solve for your profit…But you are sacrificing customer satisfaction for this)

So, to counter these problems, this will be the mechanic that I will be proposing to introduce new essence to defense.(Values should be fine tuned)

  1. Set the minimum level (around 20~30) to basic towers (Archers through Lightning towers), which it can evolve to Fire/Ice power added towers. Beyond that level, players can pay additional 10K Fire/Ice shard upon upgrade to evolve the tower into Fire/Ice power added towers, upgraded tower will have 1 + original level (so it will be essentially same as upgrading.
  2. After evolving, at every 5 level, Fire/Ice shard will be required for upgrading.
  3. Evolved tower will still count as Archers/Cannons etc… Thus, it will be affected by existing resists/runes.
  4. Fire evolved towers are designed to do more damage, Ice evolved towers will have more effective supershot or side effects.
    This way, even the new mechanics are introduced, no dilution of runes/resist will occur, and also players won’t have to build the new tower from scratch, which helps making more shorter tougher bases. Most importantly, we can finally get use of shards!

My ideas on evolved tower will be the following. Wanted to design them so it won’t surpass or equal the flaks, but will be good enough to make the basic towers viable in defense again. (Again, values and effects will need fine tuning.)

  1. Archer -> Fire Archer: +25% Basic Damage, + 35% Supershot damage
  2. Cannon -> Ice Cannons: +10% Basic and Supershot damage, Supershot breaks lockdown/freeze effects in field addition to shield. Can’t be locked down/frozen when supershot is charged, lockdown/freeze effect will disappear upon charging supershot.
  3. Storm -> Fire storm: +15% Basic Damage, Supershot shield gives invincibility + 5% attack buff to shielded towers when shield is active.
  4. Ballista -> Ice ballista: + 10% basic + poison damage, + 1 sec poison duration, 30% reduced rage generation when poisoned.
  5. Treb -> Ice Treb: +15% Basic and Supershot damage, rage generation stops during the stun.
  6. Lightning -> Fire lightning: +20% Basic Damage, + 30% Supershot damage, supershot unaffected by resist.

Well, the details of my dreaming towers aside, I hope the mechanics will be considered.
@PGCrisis, @PGJared, @PGEggToken , sry just tagging for some official attention.


I like this idea. I like it very much. I hope this was already something they considered and we could see it come in the following months or year.

I think this needs some consideration I wish I could like it more than once

So…after evolving both Archer Resist and Cannon Resist will prevent 70% damage?

Does this “unlock,” sand or Noxious Vines? If the supershot is charging, it can’t be vined or sanded? You put “lockdown,” so just want to know if it affects other similar spells. Maybe too OP but it will need to be tested at max level. If the Ice Cannon is locked, we still can charge the supershot?

Really? Still ballistas will be useless…

Otherwise, I like the idea of this thread. Definitely needs to be tested and tweaked but good starting idea especially because we can use Ice/Fire shards and players don’t have to start from scratch and notice the next day, it was waste.

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Thanks for support and feedbacks :slight_smile:

Yes. It will be countered by runes and researched affecting them also. Personally, I prefer existing resists to be still something viable.

Yes, it does require testing. Yes, it includes sand and vines. May be make it so that the tower itself can be locked or frozen.

As for ballista, any better ideas are more than welcome :slight_smile: I first thought of enervating and weakening effect in place, but that will kinda dilute fire turrets so I decided to affect rage.

Anyways I do admit effects and exact values need tweaking. Most important thing is the concept that new towers to be built based on existing already upgraded towers :slight_smile:

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pls No.
What we need is just a Nuke Tower or a battery of anti-aircraft missiles.

I prefer this idea than introducing new towers.
This would not affect PG’s income too.
Although there are tweaks that need to be done and other things to consider.

Nice way of getting rid of all the stuff. Just to have it as an option, id love to see it happen. It will be more expensive tho, if this ever gets implemented.

As soon as it was introduced elemental barrier just became the most powerful spell in the game…

Lol I do like the idea of being able to evolve towers & also having something to use Fire & Ice shards on!

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