Evolving Artisan Mythics

We’ve been teasing the concept of the Artisan Dragons ‘evolving’ for a while now. Artisan tier lineage dragons are the first to have ‘evolving’ rarity, but what does that mean?

As you may already know, we reduced the number of lineage dragons down from 9 a tier to 4. We made this decision for a number of reasons that we covered in a post here. One of the big promises that came with this change was that your dragons would undergo some changes when they gained power and evolved into Mythics.

For evolution, we wanted to do something cool and original. We wanted to show the growth in a more tangible way other than stats and power scores increasing. That’s why we decided to upgrade spells on dragons when they evolve. Not only will the damage values change, but in some cases the speed, range, or even color of spells can change when a dragon evolves! We don’t want to make any promises or set any boundaries for ourselves here. When we say spells, we mean that a dragon could have one or many spells change when you evolve them.

One of the great benefits to this new system is that players have the opportunity to fly these dragons for months before the evolutions are released. Not only does this allow time for dragon lords to become experts in flying the dragons, but it also provides us with lots of data on performance. By combining those two things, we can ensure higher quality lineage dragons in the future.

Be sure to let me and @PGrdm know what you think here, and share with us some of your ideas for future evolutions. Starting this Wednesday, the Artisan Mythics will be available! Check out the details below:

Upon evolving to Mythic strength, Charpent’s mastery of the winds nears perfection. As a result, the spell Winds of the North transforms into Mythic Winds!

Mythic Winds

  • This spell changes from Blue to White.
  • The breath attack damage increases from (125)% to (150)%

Quilleth is a survivor. Recently it’s doing more than just surviving, it’s thriving. Upon growing to Mythic strength, Quilleth’s passive Scrappy is enhanced to Mythic Scrappy.

Mythic Scrappy

  • Passive breath damage increases from (200)% to (230)%

Already widely considered to be a Masterpiece, Washi’s growth takes the form of increased control and decreased rage costs. Artful Tomb’s first shot will be upgraded to Mythic Artful Tomb.

Mythic Artful Tomb

  • Rage cost reduces from 2 rage to 1 rage
  • Still refunds 1 rage on use.


This alluring behemoth glows more eerily. When ascending to Mythic strength, Fading Light becomes Mythic Fading Light.

Mythic Fading Light

  • Rage cost reduced from (1) to (0). There is now no rage cost for this spell.