Evolving divine dragons

I just wanted to ask which level you need to be to be able to evolve divine dragons using the green evolution stone? Thanks!

I cant remember the level, but you need to hatch 2 green legendary dragons first i believe

IIRC, it’s somewhere around lvl 55, but I’m not 100% sure. Could be closer to 60.

56, I believe.

Level 49 - you need 2 epic green dragons bred (legendary also counts as epic in this case)

Ah, couldn’t remember if you both levelled and evolved with the same Den level. Sounds right, ignore my post.

Level 49 and two green dragons last time I checked

Divines follow a trend; it depends on which divine you’re asking about.

  • 43 for Fall 2016
  • 49 for Winter 2016 to Fall 2017, inclusive
  • 56 for Winter 2017 (now)


Also, @moderators for moving this out of off topic.


Thanks guys! I found out that you can just evolve at level 49 as long as you hatch to epic dragons. Thanks!

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