Evolving divines

Can anyone say what level do I need to be to be able to evolve my divines (let’s say Somnus or Zenko) to obsidian. Don’t have the dragons for that yet, but I want to plan fortifications ahead to match my breeding. I’ll get my first obsidian next month.
Not sure if too lazy or stupid, but I can’t make sense of WD manager and don’t even know if the info is there😂

Use @ConfusedKate 's sheets :wink:

Edit: i think that’s OP’s solution @moderators


If I am correct it’s lvl 190 when you can breed obisidian.

Nor worried about when I can breed obsidian, but what lvl my den needs to be so I can evolve my divines to obsidian :grinning:

I tried it. Like I said, can’t find anything there:D maybe it’s me or my devices can’t open it properly. Don’t know. But I just see an endless list of subjects and don’t know how to make sense of it :sweat_smile:

Are you logged in to a Google account when you open the document?
I need to be logged in at my Google account to open those spreadsheets.

Looks like you would need your den at lvl 46…

Yes… and they do open. Just can’t find anything specific there. Sometimes manage to open some random file that’s readable


I got next screen from amoebe, looks like at lvl 190 when obisidian is breedebale by lvl, your den is able for upgrade to lvl 40.

Yes, but you can’t necessarily evolve divines when you are first able to breed into the tier. You also have to have the den levels to do so (especially in higher tiers)

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Yes I know that, I was myselff around lvl 245 to get my first obisidian dragon, and now my 2nd at lvl 270.
I could have got them more early, but that is totally not needed with the current bases out there.
So I had no issues with my buildings, since the main buildings were capped.
Now I need a lvl 54 ( 53 atm next forti it goes up) den to lvl up my divines a next level.

Depends on the dragons. That said, it should be around 230 (226 or 232)

Thanks. I’m currently lvl 214, so will go to 226 I think. Usually more careful with the lvls but after obsidian I’ll have to be lvl 300 to be able to incubate the eggs so might as well go up a bit faster at this point


Just don’t worry too much imo and evolve as much as you can. From obsidian onwards jumping tiers slows down considerably. Really slow…

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I wouldn’t use amoebe for anything anymore, too much has changed in the two years since it’s last update.

Kate’s spreadsheets have the best set of info right now. But if you find a website more convenient try mine at https://wd.neon-wonderland.com/ it should be easy to find your divine in the dragon list, and to find the obsidian stone in the level list.


Thanks will check it out later!

I never used that website, however I am not at home this weekend and got my own breeding and buildings sheets at my laptop, which isn’t at my current place.



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Like orca is saying it depends the dragon, atm my obisidian divines that I fly the most with are capped.

But why breeding your dragons at the lowest requirements?

My somnus now needs a lvl 54 den for a next lvl, and my Gunnar needs a lvl 56 den, so those dragons are capped anyway atm.

The advantage is that you can build big towers, unless you are storage locked, I personally don’t like it to become capped by a storage.

That’s one of the reasons that I breeded not at the lowest requirements my line dragons.
I been capped before to breed because a to low lvl, and capped by not having a big ennough storage, and wasn’t able to upgrade at that time,
that was at the platinum tier around lvl 110.

And with the lvl 300 in sight :laughing:, it will take a lot of time before I can use those dragons after obisidian line and incubate them.

Maybe there is more advantage than I imagine myself in breeding at the lowest requirements, but this are just my thoughts about early breeding your line dragons.