Evolving during feeding event

So I have several dragons that can evolve currently. Does evolving them give points in feeding event or only when using food to level up?

Only when using food. :t_rex:


Nope, evolving gives no points during feeding

Tbh I don’t advise starving the dragons you actually use while waiting for feeding. Just the shit ones. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sylphen is currently starving :laughing: last season Axi starved. I refuse to starve Pathox though. That bad boy will be fed as fast as I can get my hands on his evo stones. (At least until gold tier…)


at least get that babe to gold. He’s good!!!


Hmm, maybe I should. Then I can practice with him better lol.

but don’t you have ton of unused lineage drags to feed during feeding? i hate wait on seasonal tbh

Oh, I do lol. Ferga and Xenot have some unused levels on them. Problem is I usually forget who still needs feeding :laughing:

Plus I’ve been lazy and haven’t done Lutrus’ challenge on Andy with my green tier Sylphen yet…

i passed all challenge levels before he even got sylph so i gave up on trying those… figured i have better things to practice like Hau :see_no_evil: and Sylph on live bases , let alone pathox addiction :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hard to practice Pathox when he’s stuck at level 2 lmao. @hellraptor was happy to see him though :laughing: (Pathox died hard on the kill island though lol)


That’s only one question :nerd_face: not several

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