Evolving Ember without purchasing a pack

Hey y’all. I wanted to know who else desires to evolve ember but doesn’t want to buy the packs. I feel that there should be a fair way for all members of the game to have the same advantages that come with evolving different dragons. I love using Ember, he is currently my strongest dragon and I would love to evolve him but have no desire to purchase a pack. I want to know who else agrees and any other things you would like to say on the matter. If we get many people to reply, maybe the creators will look into changing it. Thanks for your help.


Lol. Good luck asking for PG to provide you something for free

I think you are missing the point of Ember then. In my opinion, at least, Ember was introduced to allow newer players a way to have a dragon that they could use for several tiers, they just have to pay for it.

Since people have spent money on the evolve stones, I can’t seriously see PG allowing the evolve stones to be obtained for “free” through ingame means without crediting those folks their money back.

It is just one dragon ya know…


or wait for ochre’s evolution stone which is free if your team participates enough for the team quest.

It’s not that I want them to give things to me for free, rather have challenges or events which allow you to evolve Ember like other dragons. There are other games that have similar things where you can buy characters with money but you are also able to obtain these characters, it’s iust harder to do so. I just feel there is an unfair advantage to the players who don’t want to spend money because we aren’t able to obtain these similar advantages.

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I strongly suggest leaving ember lvl 1.
It is by far his most useful state…

Just saying


To some extent i feel you. I dont mind paying for his stone but the way the package is put together is terrible. You suffer ultimatly. You get less rubies and other stuff for the stone. If the package had the same amount of rubies like other packahes of their value i probably wouldnt be agreeing. @PGJared

This is still free, as in “not giving PG real money” for a dragon that is not free to evolve from the beginning.

Well thank you all for your input.

Ember should be free from the real world to evolve I mean I’ve been working my butt off to evolve ember then I see that it costs money to evolve him. If you want to keep the game fun make ember free from real money and make it something like 2000 or 3000 gems

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Its one drag that is best left at lvl 1 imo thats the only drag you need money to evolve and if you think its hard to evolve ember then youre in for a treat :grimacing:

You probably haven’t “worked your butt off” to evolve him, he is only a level 6 which takes a few days of multipliers to get to lol.

Also leaving him at level 1 is the best idea/solution possible for new users. If you are still under level 30 i may even recommend starting over quickly and keeping him at level 1 because he helps out so much in the long run


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