Evolving problem


hi LC I’m new on this forum.
I want evolving dragon my dragons den it’s level 20 I’m level 100 when I try to evolve dragon
Have information upgrade dragons den to level 2 and close padlock symbol
Anyone can help Thanks :grinning:


I don’t remember what den level correlates with dragon level for that level, but what you’re describing sounds like a glitch that’s been going on for a little while. In the text below that it should say the correct den level it needs to be.


You have to be level 102 to evolve the dragons den to level 21.


I’m a level 108 and still haven’t been able to evolve them to 21. I believe level 114 is when you can upgrade the den to the level needed.


Yes 114 for plat evolve


Ok, but I want evolving dragon to level 13 golden stone. I have golden stone and breed legendary golden dragon


Have u hatched the gold legendary yet?


Not yet, just breed


That’s the answer. Hatch it. Good luck.


Ok thanks :grinning:


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