Evolving Seasonal dragons

I apologize, if this has been asked before - but I couldn’t find a thread clarifying if this is expected, or a bug.

I am trying to evolve my seasonal dragons to the next tier. I have already bred, but not hatched 2 Legendaries from the next tier.

However, my seasonal dragons are still locked - saying I need to have bred 1 legendary from the next tier to be able to evolve them.

As far as my memory serves me, I have always been able to evolve seasonal dragons to next tier, once I have bred the required lineages from the next tier. I haven’t had to actually hatch them to be able to evolve the seasonals.

Is this a bug? I did use “instant breed” to get the 2 legendaries - shame on me, if that turns out to be the issue.

Another thing, which I haven’t had before is that the breeding castle is under construction. I bred through the event page. Could this be the issue? I was able to put one of the legendaries on the incubator, even though the breeding castle is under construction.

Thanks much for any information you may have to provide.

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You need to hatch them unfortunately. Has always been like this.


Hmm. Pardon me for this stupid question then.
I am not sure how I didn’t remember this from before. :frowning:

The description needs to change, would make it much clearer.

On my site I use the text from the game in pretty much all places to describe things. But I’ve specifically added a bit of code that rewrites “bred/breed” in those lines to “hatched” because it’s so misleading. They really should update that for all dragons.


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