Evolving spells


Think it would be cool if a red or blue spell would change to white spell on event dragons once they get platinum stone since platinum is when we start to see white spells,also dragons that we expert have them get a spell upgrade for all the hard work to get them to expert :raised_hands:t2: Evolving spells :raised_hands:t2: Thanks for all the feed back about the runes not working on white spell​:thinking: sounds like doing something special for expert dragons would be better idea than evolving spells,maybe a evolve stone for expert dragons so they can level up more :thinking: just a thought :+1:t2:


No, runes are not effective on white spells which work totally differently from red and blue spells in essence (aka their code, how they work) since they are not affected by mages. This would terribly nerf the potential power of our Divine Dragons, and we hate them getting nerfed, they already don’t have enough runes that truly benefit them.
Also the amount of work, time and effort to make it change colour would be monstrous, unimaginable… With the usual bugs and corrections needed afterwards each time something new is implemented. Besides it would make red and blue mage towers almost totally obsolete after platinum tier, and platinum is far from the endgame tier.

This could happen if PG decides to revive other Dragons of lower tiers (like they did in Summer season for the Divines Kinnarus, Borgian, Zamrok and Merkt) but they will be new spells that were worked on months before the released date and they will already be white from the beginning.

This is a fancy idea, but I can’t imagine how it can be realised. PG has lots of engineers and staff working under their wing, but no matter their engineering skills they are not wizards, and I’d rather have them working on solving bugs already known than changing the colour of spells midway through their evolution… They changed a spellset once a few weeks after a dragon release, on Kinnarus… the following uproar was epic…


Rofl, at the OP and the first reply :slight_smile: Just rofl haha

Guy is talking about making spells become white spells after platinum stone? Rofl… Really?
Your biggest concern if that happens is runes not working? :smiley:

Lol I get a nice laugh every morning at least on few threads.


Since we are throwing around wacky ideas someone suggested a white version of northern lights dark on facebook the other day and i nearly died laughing.


Was thinking more that it would be neat if we expert a divine that all spells change to a “Base Die” button. We press it and the base dies. Think it would be a nice reward for experting a divine.


I agree. On top of that, give a x100 multiplier on resources/event points/war flames (instant war wins)

Neat idea!


What did I do wrong? Taking it seriously and explain why it wouldn’t work in my opinion? I talked about everything I thought was wrong with this idea. The mages, the low Platinum tier, the runes, the difficulty to implement such idea… I talked about what I know the most… Why was this laughing matter? I know it was posted by a player with barely 5min read time on forums, but I decided to give it a thoughtful reply. I also consider this an ‘innocent’ idea but I took time to think about my reply and be constructive as well as informative.

White spells are usually OP, they should be unique and rare, not widespread.


First of all, this change wouldn’t nerf your dragons because the rune doesn’t work on it! It would enhance it because it would make all the spells WHITE. You would have White invincibility shields, white northern lights, white freezes, white cloaks, white everything, how is that a nerf to a dragon?

Second of all, runes do work on white spells… Such as Ice Shock, Lethal barrier, if a white spell has the same name as the blue or red spell, the rune for that specific spell will work no matter if the spell is red, blue, white, green, purple or rainbow color.

How is this a fancy idea? It’s one of the, and I’ll use @mechengg term, wackiest ideas that I’ve seen on this forum.


Explosive Shield runes didn’t work on white Explosive Shield on Tarand and Sage before it became Lethal Barrier, because blue and white Explosive Shield were different spells coded differently, I remember reading a lot about it in the old forum. Are you telling me that it changed and now it works? What was the point of changing the name of the white Explosive Shield to Lethal Barrier then?
If runes doesn’t work to improve spells anymore, you lose the added power and health of the runes, even if they become white.

… And we would obviously get white mages to balance white spells. And yellow mages since we’re at it!

Excuse my lack of precision about the term “fancy”, I meant it as a idealistic, irrealist, funny and polite way to say this was a bit over the top and ridiculous idea, but I try to moderate the feelings of the OP.

English is not my first language even though I understand it pretty well, so sometimes my vocabulary can be slightly off.


Explosive shield rune worked on Tarand for some people and for some didn’t. Thats why they changed it to Lethal Barrier. There are lethal barrier runes now that enhance the new shield Tarand and Sage have.

You are saying runes don’t work on white spells based on a premise that Expolsive runes don’t work on Lethal Barrier; of course they don’t, it’s a different spell and has a brand new rune for it. Ice Shock rune worked… If there was a white rejuvenate spell, rejuvenate rune would work. If there was white healing mark spell, healing mark rune would work.

My point is, and why your response was laughable, because your FIRST worry about this idea is that runes will not work… Who gives a damn if the cloak rune works on WHITE cloak??? Who cares if Invincibility Rune works on WHITE invincibility?? Who cares if freeze rune works on WHITE freeze?? That’s why your response is laughable…


I cared because runes still matter in term of power and destruction. Expert legendary runes (or mythic?) adds 300k to my Dragons, for my level that’s already a big boost. I didn’t bother talking about white spells becoming mainstream because I know it will never happen. For a medium player like me, what would matter more if something like that happened would be the loss in power, not the color of spells since white spells everywhere are just fairytale stuff…

I only have white Explosive Shield experience about runes not working on white spells, I didn’t get any other Dragon with runes matching a white spell before (got Skarr, not Nightshade). I talk about my experience, I don’t have your great seniority in the game but I still wish to be helpful.


Explosive Shield runes did work on Tarand/Sage, but that was before the patch that did the spell revamp, which then led to the rename + new runes. The people who claimed it didn’t work were using it at tiny percentages; RNG wasn’t in their favor.

We don’t really know how they implemented it post-revamp to be able to tell how the hypothetical new spells would function with runes.

Going back to the topic, it could be interesting to see stronger versions of spells, such as Invincibility -> Northern Lights (whether light/dark), but that seems a bit complex with less trade off (just start with the stronger version instead) vs more more pressing bugs and their roadmap.


I don’t have seniority, you obviously played longer then me since you have Skarr and Nightshade. Power that’s increased due to runes means nothing, it’s just a number just like defense power. You can have equal tier and strength dragons, one with healing mark and other one with better spell set and no runes for it. You can put 2 mythic healing mark runes and 3 mythic healing mark glyphs which will add a ton of attack power of a dragon but the one with better spell set will still be better. Added attack power from runes is so irrelevant that I don’t even know how to express it.


Maybe Mojojoe is a new player or maybe just new here on forums but he wrote his idea.

I like your answer @Kardul and I like to read some joking post but not too much.
I think we’re going a little off topic


I actually somewhat like this idea. Not that spells would become white. Horrible idea and I’d hate to be the one to code/make that happen. Get a dragon with a white spell if you want it that badly.

The part i did like is the spells evolving with the dragon. I remember a case with with nocturnal fissure on Ebon where it would only give health back once Ebon was at sapphire(i think…). It raised lots of anger from unclear descriptions but i liked the idea. This would be fun to implement of event dragons. Maybe have spells that can be upgradable? Say Freeze is on one of the next event dragons. You could have the option to either go down a damge increase path or a freeze duration path! You would have one upgrade per tier raise(orange-green-gold-ect). This does not mean that there would be consumables needed to upgrade the spell, it would just unlock the choice with each tier jump. We don’t need anymore consumables in Gold chests, they are diluted enough as is.


Nocturnal fissure only returns health on mythics. For a couple of tiers, certain spells operated differently on mythics, which caused a lot of confusion and anger (perhaps why they don’t differ last few tiers).


This sounds quite like what research already does. Maybe an improved research or something different?

Reminds me how different Heat Shield is when used by Skarr or Mehaten, if I’m not mistaken Mehaten possess a stronger spell due to a special combo and it was once its signature spell?


It really is like research! PG can only make so many new spells before they start becoming recycled spells with new names. Tectonic Tomb and Frozen Tomb… To help them out these would just give the current spells an edge (more damage or longer side effect or stat boost for dragon?) The way it is set up now it basically just another stair system… climb climb climb. Adding a way to boost specific spells on dragons (mainly event dragons and maybe a single dragon per tier?) would help make the game feel more customizable and prove more appealing to those who like to make their own paths. Gives a little more freedom than research as that is what is available and you know you will/can claim all if it eventually.

Just thought a little more and realized what i was thinking of… Riders! Riders allow only a certain number of things to be boosted as they only go to level 50(i think). The consensus would apply directly to dragons as they can only grow a certain number of tiers and only have a certain number of spell upgrades. You could add runes and glyphs to the mix but i think that should stay separate.


Combo XxTrueOnexX + Kardul -

Nocturnal Fissure is one of the “only does x when empowered” spells on the Sapphire Mythics, not Ebon’s Sapphire evolution.

Apophet when in Nightfall (first cast after)

  • Nocturnal Fissure heals (non-healing version is on Chompa, Ebon, Nydryr)
  • The first spell cast after Nightfall will be empowered & white (potential for white Umbral Spike)


  • Heat Shield (Skarr) > Blast Shield (also deals 8% max HP damage upon expire) but shows the Heat Shield text in use
  • Heated Breath (shown in Lineage tab) > something… after Radiance is cast - It boosts the breath attack by 20% and pierces through ice and storm shields for 3s.
    • I have no idea what this one’s name is now and if it’s still Superheated Breath (shared spell name with Abraxxas and Zamrok that instead does a damage boost only of 65% for 5s), Piercing Breath, or something else (maybe just plain Heated Breath but empowered).


Sounds interesting @XxTrueOnexX but let’s be careful what we ask for. There’s been debate about Rejuvenate spell duration increase not being that good because the healing amount didn’t seem increased but was suspected to be spread out over a longer period which wasn’t interesting. Maybe @PGPulse can help us on that duration matter, please?