Evolving Stones

Hi I’m having a hard time getting the stones to evolve my dragons. I hope to hear from you soon . Thank you have a great day.

… what exactly are you trying to ask?

I am still new at this how do i get the stones ?

Welcome to the forums!

You get evolutions stones by claiming them in the “season” tab during events. Seasons last 3 months and once they are over, evolution stones for those dragons can no longer be claimed.

There is one evolving dragon whose stones can be purchased. This is the red dragon Ember. However, most in the community would suggest you do not waste money on these or even level Ember up.

Does this answer your questions?

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Thank you so much I appreciate the help . It did answer my question.

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Happy to help!

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And before you ask: No you can’t get stones from previous seasons. It drives all the forum regulars buts because that post comes up 1-3 times a week

Only 1 to 3 times you say? :rofl::joy::rofl:

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Probably 1-30 times a week…
@TheDarkerone2 if you happen to level Ember (some will, even if they have been told that they shouldn’t) , his egg packs will disappear once you get Legendary Green Dragon

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