ExaltedDragons Recruiting

We are looking for 400+. We are a sapphire1/Diamond2 team. We venture back and forth week after week. We are highly competitive in Atlas and in Events. Looking for like minded ppl. We have a couple spots available. Can reach out to me here or for a faster response in game. Pjohnson99 is my in game name. We will consider a little below 400 but player should be motivated to move up fast. If any questions don’t hesitate to ask.



Team 8 in achievements
5/5 on Quests

Just bumping the thread back up.

Les Européens sont plus que bienvenus et en français également si c’est plus facile. Par contre il faudra me contacter pour la version francophone.

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PJ will send you goobers if you join! :nauseated_face:

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wait, wrong emoji, should be :smile: *

:unamused: Given that you didn’t edit it, I doubt it :joy:

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Shhhhhhhhh :shushing_face: don’t scare our potential recruits away :shushing_face:


Was in Bronze as recently as yesterday! Now in D2! Only Dread can claim to rise higher and faster! Join now!


Haha facts!! :joy:

I have a dream :eyes:

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I like to join you’re team I’m a level 380 and growing fast, check in and play every day also never missed a war.

I think that’s kind of a given for a diamondish team

Anyone giving candies there :pleading_face::pensive:

Bumping the threat up. We are still looking for some players!
Toujours à la recherche de nouveaux coéquipiers :eyes: francophones bienvenus

I feel threatened… :eyes:

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:rofl: touché !!!
I can only blame my poor English …
Don’t hit the poor frenchie!
At least it made you react :joy::rofl:


Start the new season the right way

p.s We also have cookies :eyes::milk_glass::cookie:

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