ExaltedDragons Sapphire 1 LFM


Since old post was closed, reopening one on behalf of @PJohnson99 :eyes:

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Looking for More (Recruiting)
– Sapphire 1
– ExaltedDragons
– Looking for 250+, may consider lower depending how active, atlas experience would be nice too


Language: English
Time Zone: Doesn’t matter
Played time: Very Active preferred
Age Range: +18
Elite Account?: Would be silly not to have elite lol


We are a very active team. We have no alts. Looking for two maybe three more people to join us. Message me in game if interested.

Edited because Lutrus is picky :eyes:

LFT- BoH8sPg d2 ish πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

So lazy. Can’t even start your own post have a necro the old one…

I’ll call you Dim Sloth… :joy:


he could have bumped old thread :joy:


Shhhhhh go back to your grumpy cage :triumph::triumph::triumph:


bumping it up, looking for 2/3 lovely people to join our crazy house :eyes:


A bit late :smirk:


Late for? :eyes:


You’re always late. :man_shrugging:


Two spots!! Message me in game if interested!!


I swear I don’t bite!


Thanks everyone. Team is full now!!

~~~~~ Closed for now ~~~~~~


i found one before you advertised


but but but…last I checked we want you on the team but you declined :sob:


You reply to your own thread 9 days later? :man_facepalming:


shhhhhhhhhhh 9 days isn’t that long :triumph:


We have two spots available if anyone is looking for a new team. Message here or in game if interested. In game will prolly be faster if u need a speedy response!


Back to the topppppppp


Now’s the time to join one of the best teams going around :eyes:


comes with health benefit too :eyes:


like what? Quitting game? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: