ExaltedDragons Sapphire 1 LFM


we resurrect the dead peasants from time to time :eyes: so said peasants can get heals and rubies and fly again :eyes:


I don’t think you understand what peasant means, Drop kicks :unamused:, you peasant


You could always be a pheasant instead.


said peasant’s wife forbids said peasant to fly dragons :speak_no_evil: so occasional resurrection is the only way to go :speak_no_evil:


He can just fly Jura then. “Nope, I’m flying a bug, not a dragon.”


:expressionless:. I do what I want. For instance, I’ll be farming you later. See? :joy:


salty bitch ass :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Now close this thread on account of excessive peasantry :triumph::joy:.




so ummmmmmmm :point_right::point_left:

we are hiring again to replace a retiring family member, please apply within :hugs:

except for Sam :raised_hand:



I know that you know that my trolling helps bump this recruitment thread el natural :partying_face:




Winner winner chicken dinner!


@Grumpybigbird will provide chicken, beer on @PJohnson99 and @Dsh1znet will provide French toast with baking powder :eyes: apply within! :grinning: and you can pet @Bunbun’s rabbit :rabbit:


What about Sappy stealing all the cookies? :thinking: sounds like a hostile work environment.


What about free champagne and crackers :face_with_monocle:

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Please get Obi back into atlas so he doesn’t troll here… :eyes:


:eyes: How low is it?


how low are you :eyes: we have 200s waiting to come in :eyes::eyes: cant be lower than them :eyes::eyes::eyes:


Orca is worth at least 3 of them 200s. Just saying … :eyes: