ExaltedDragons Sapphire 1 LFM


really? one of the 200 waiting has 300k troops :eyes: , @OrcaFrost always welcome to apply :smiley:


Orca has the dark arts of knowing the inner workings of the game…


You are a wise one Grumpsy :kissing_heart:


Thanks. However I love my team right now.
Asked just in case the others want to know :pray:

Thanks Sam, I’m flattered :blush:
I think I’m not that high… yet.


We’re looking for the right kind of crazy. If you think you fit the bill then hit up @RonnSnow (yes he secretly thinks he’s as cool as Kit. We just let him have his delusions)…


shhhhh I do have the sword, I will chop your chicken wings off :roll_eyes:


Chicken wings :drooling_face:. I’d like mine fried please :grin:


thank you all once again for those who were interested and applied. Spots have been filled, we do have a sister team that still welcome new players and if you want to gain more experience in atlas. contact me if you are interested :smiley:


Is it called GrumpyDragons?




Those poor souls. Pours one out.


That’s the name of my new game!


those “poor souls” are very much enjoying our atmosphere, peasant :triumph:


are we seriously turning our recruitment post into TC??? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


ftfy, bird after all


Stockholm Syndrome, no doubt. Can faintly hear them whispering “Help” from behind you.


** locks the door**…** hides the key in one of @ISaphiraStormI’s cakes **


Yall quit bumping this thread lol. We arent recruiting at the moment.

@lutrus can u close this thread please or any mods lol


nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :triumph:


Building demand for when there’s a supply need. Although Ron is probably hurting the cause :joy:.