Excess badge chests


Can I get an official statement on what whether we will get any compensation for excess atlas badge chests after completely maxing the season. There is nothing left to keep claiming and I, and many others in the community would rather this rather thousands of excess chests don’t go to waste. Would appreciate a accurate response. Thank you. @PGJared


I have no information on this issue currently, but next week I will try to talk to the team. It’s unlikely I’ll hear much though as most folks are gone all next week. You may wish to @pgEcho and @PGSqurl on this issue. I don’t think compensation is what you’re looking for, so much as a way to redeem them, right?


Pg solution, all prize lines will be doubled in price next season :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


:scream: Don’t give them ideas! :scream:


I now hate you :triumph::joy:


Either something to redeem, preferably either shards or atlas chests. Basically something so all the excess chests don’t go toward. Support keeps telling me to open the chests season but I don’t see hwobrhat helps if I’m not currently able to claim anything.


Pleased to accept your chest donation. Simply quote my IGN for support to do a transfer. Thank you :hugs:


I hope PG doesn’t believes that everyone has excess atlas badges…


I think this is a problem similar to having excess sigils. They solved that with the repeatable gold chests at the end of the mythic lines, they could probably do something similar for excess badges. I think repeating primary shards at the end of each gear line would probably work pretty well.


They don’t. In fact, last I heard they intended to settle up with the affected players directly because it’s an infinitesimal number of ppl in this situation and thus not worth coding a solution to it given the engineering resources available.


Hey everyone! Last season we converted players’ remaining badges to Atlas Chests, if and only if they had completed all branches in the season (last season there were about 10 of those players). We’re planning on doing that again this season :slight_smile:
Happy holidays! :chipmunk:


Thank you @PGSqurl I appreciate it :slight_smile: any info on the conversation ratio or similar to last season.


Same as last season!


Thank you… that’s highly appreciated


what was the conversion last season? getting close to this point and not sure how much more to push this season. but there just seems to always be some poor soul that wants their troops to die


This makes me feel so inadequate…

I was pretty happy to have finished two lines and almost the first page of a third.

Can’t imagine how many troops had to die to do them all with significant leftovers. Oh, the humanity!


Out of curiosity, how much glory is that for the season?


Managed 6 lines with 1.5m so guess about 4-5m or more for all 15 :roll_eyes:


Around 3.3M



could you please let me know what the conversion factor is for excess badge chest