Excess badge chests


1000 Badges = 1 Atlas Chest


So approx 10:1 chest for chest ratio


So we have to open the badge chests, or can we leave them as they are.


i would like to know this as well please, @PGSqurl

i have claimed just enough to finish all but last prize on taunter buff for now, but won’t claim that until last hours as i will have no other way to see how many badges i have if i open all my chests.

sorry, but not very trusting in situations like these and would like clarification


You can leave them as they are as we will convert them into badges.


Appreciate the information


Any word on when the next season starts?


Jan 9th


Each atlas line cost 10% more because of the increase in troop training?


Why have some people had their chests converted and not others?


arelyna or PG did say that those who got their chest converted were those that completed all atlas season rewards.

If you didn’t complete all your season rewards which are primarch boost, defensive/offensive gear and dragon rider, then your chest wont be converted.


I got all prizes and then some… that’s not the issue :joy::joy:


there’s no issue really. It is an issue if those who already completed everything didn’t get something from all the stashed badges they collected from normal PvP.


I believe this is exactly Ez’s issue… :rofl:


Let me put it this way… I completed all lines last season and had a ton of extra chests… why weren’t they converted?


well you didn’t mention specifically that you were one of those that didn’t get their chest converted so sorry about that.

You might need to contact support and have it escalated


Hehehe… all good… was trying to ask “in general” as opposed to specifically for myself :see_no_evil::joy::joy::joy:


Are you sure you weren’t just slacking and forgot a few prize lines? :rofl:


you were not looking at player!!! that was your issue really :rofl::rofl::rofl:


don’t reveal it :shushing_face: