Excess badge chests


10000% sure :joy::joy::joy:


I do not have my chests converted too. Any feedback would be appreciated.


I’ve written support multiple tickets and none have been answered except for the initial auto reply that assigns ticket number and then they just disappear… seems like support is broken also.


Mine were personally, some people’s were and others pg is saying they didn’t max season even when they did from what I’ve heard from teammates.


Those who have stated that if you finished the lines, your chests would’ve been exchanged are correct. I’m following up with the team about why some people may not have received them.


Thanks for the response. I guess we will have to wait. It should be easy to check.


So let me see if I have this right…

If you complete every single prize line and continue to earn badges they will be converted into Atlas chests for you.

If you are still busting your ass trying to earn badges up until the very last second of the season - you not only cannot claim the rest of the prizes in the line you were working on because the prize lines are closed the second the season ends, and your now excess badges also do not get converted into atlas chest either. Seems fair. :roll_eyes:



That was always the case, they stated you had to max season in order to get the conversion. If it went away immediately when the season ended, the 2 seasons before, why would you think anything was going to change. :joy::joy:


Your empathy is immeasurable.



i just want to say, thank you for getting the conversions out so fast. I was really expecting a battle on this one


Thank you… was hoping to get them before crafting event ended… but as long as I get them I’ll be happy


Hahaha yeah, it’s sooooo funny! If people want fair treatment, they should pay for it! Hahahahahaha! EVERYONE knows that the lines close immediately. Everyone. There’s no way anyone missed the last two seasons, or finished their season before the end and didn’t realize you couldn’t claim after the way you can in regular seasons! It’s simply not possible!

ffs. :unamused:


@Arelyna you have to admit closing the season immediately from claiming prizes is a pretty low move. Especially seeing that the capability to keep the prize lines open is there (they appeared just prior to the new season starting).

Y’all should compensate anyone with excess badges from last season. If it take too much work then too bad. This should have been thought of before being poorly executed.


@Arelyna this is getting tiresome… No atlas chests are converted, sieger boost claimed within several hours after season start is not working… I personally lost more troops because of this bug. (now working as %5 instead of %25)

Support does not even know what they are talking about… Could you please solve this ASAP?


@Casaubon, can you please PM me with a ticket number?

@Grumpybigbird, while I understand the sentiment, I do not make the call as to whether this can happen or not.


Whomever does makes the call should ask themselves how they would like to be treated if they were the customer… then take a long, hard look in the mirror after doing the opposite of what they would want if the shoe were on the other foot.


Hi! Yes I understand just hope you can convey the message to the right team that actions such as this is extremely demotivating for players.

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