Excess badges chests


Hey guys,
Does anybody know if its planned again to convert badges to atlas chests after completing all branches?
Otherwise its a little boring… Lol


I’d say yes, but I’ve been wrong before.


Answer to your question with other specifics …


@PGSqurl, at the same conversion rate?


10 badge chests = 1 atlas chest


Are there any other rewards for this?
Custom portrait? etc?


Other rewards? For what exactly? having excess badge chests at the end of he season?



Do you get anything other than your chests converted to Atlas chests?


A special portrait would be nice… I want people to know resistance is futile the reaper is coming! :smiley:


Actually nothing happens. Opened 40 chests. Didnt get atlas chests. No idea how it works or if it works


It’s not the end of the season now is it?

Also this only works if you’ve finished each and every atlas line.


Ok. Well last season i didnt get all. So i heard about it but not about the procedure.
And yes, i finished all. Thats why i asked… Without any idea i stopped attacking and wasting my troops maybe for nothing.
Anyway beeing a troop millionaire could be also nice :joy::joy::joy:


I’d rather have better +%/%


I like your idea with special portrait :joy:


No… just the conversion… nothing on top


If so few people clear all the lines don’t you think a special portrait would be cool?

Pretty please good sir?


ill Take it if they want to give it out… otherwise I’ll just take the converted chests and be happy they’re doing that :wink:


haha agreed! I’m sure not complaining about getting atlas chests.



What should the prize be for 22k excess chests and climbing? Asking for a friend.