Excess Roles for Islands

So, there are currently 5 roles in Atlas: Governor, Banker, Scholar, Marshall and Foreman.

From what I have seen, governor and banker make sense. Marshall used to build fleets and they were at one point the default base, which was useful. But now scholar, Marshall and foreman pretty much seem like pointless roles. Any way we streamline this?

Marshall is to control the safe passage. So let say if officers can’t be on or governor can’t be on, Marshal can still grant safe passage for other teams.
But what does the purpose of foreman either way. I’m always curious about this

When someone on the team does a good job, I appoint them Scholar and tell them how important they are…


Marshal will hopefully become useful soon.

Not really sure what I’d have the scholar and foreman do.

Maybe figure out some team buffs the foreman can craft using shards that effect the team.

Eg 5% gold mined, 1% xp gained, etc?


i remember a few months ago the marshall was able to built haulers to sell this poacher stuff which doesnt exists anymore… now this job seems a bit useless

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